Nainital Lake


Naini Lake is a natural freshwater lake, of tectonic origin, Naini Lake is one of the four lakes in Kumaon hillNaini Lakes, the three other being Sattal Lake, Bhimtal Lake and Naukuchiyatal Lake. It is situated in the heart of the city and it is owing to this lake that Nainital earned its name. The eye-shaped lakeis a tourist hotspot and acts as a magnet for all those visiting the hill resort. Here, a person can either take a leisurely stroll or indulge in boating and enjoy the surrounding beauty. The northern end of the lake is called Mallital, while the southern one is called Tallital. The Lake Bridge that connects the two banks has quite a few shops as well as a post office, the only one in the world to be located on a bridge. The lake is bordered by three mountain peaks – the tall and sharply inclined Naina peak on the north western front, Tiffin Top on the south western front and Snow view peaks on the northern front. Balia Nala is the main feeder-stream of the lake. Other than this, 26 major drains, including the three perennial ones, feed it.  it is situated in the heart of the city and it is owing to this lake that Nainital earned its name. The eye-shaped lake is a tourist hotspot and acts as a magnet for all those visiting the hill resort. Here, a person can either take a leisurely stroll or indulge in boating and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Naina Devi Temple

Maa Naina Devi Temple

The temple is located on the northern shore of Naini lake. The presiding deity of the temple is Maa Naina Devi represented by two Netras or eyes. Flanking Naina Devi are the deities of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha. Nainital is believed to be one of the 64 Shaktipeeths, where one of the body parts of Goddess Sati fell, when Lord Shiva carried her body. In Nainital, the eyes (naina) of the Goddess are assumed to have fallen. The shrine of Naina Devi is a must visit for devout Hindus. and was reconstructed after being destroyed in the 1880 landslide. Naina Devi Temple is a must visit in Nainital principally for people who wish to offer their prayers to Goddess Naina and seek her blessings.

Bada Bazar Mallital

A highly vibrant and happening market , the Bara Bazaar is a very famous area in Mallital and also serves as an excellent landmark. Nainital is very popular for the variety of different beautiful candles& handicrafts do not miss to buy candles and cane sticks from Bara Bazar. The other traditional buys include scarves, shawls, woodcrafts, cardigans and so on.The Bara Bazar in Mallital area also houses a lot of restaurants, which serve good food at reasonably cheaper rates. Once you have shopped enough for the variety of handicrafts and even freshly prepared jams from Bara Bazar, you can be satisfied about having purchased the specialties of Nainital.

Mall Road

Mall Road - Starting Point

The very popular Mall Road in Nainital constructed during the British colonial rule, is one of the major attractions of the town attracting thousands of visitors both locals as well as foreigners to explore its charms. With its various shops that sells locally made products, eating joints along with locals and tourists enjoying the whole ambiance, stretches over a distance of one kilometer right up to theNainital Boat Club, the Mall Road serves as an entry and exit points for Nainital. Renamed as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg, the Mall Road although crowded is still as popular and is considered as the point of union between Mallital and Tallital – the two busiest places in the Nainital especially between May and June. As one arrives at the Mall Road, one is greeted by the Naini Lake on one side and shops,restaurants and hotels on the other side. Mall Road is popular not only for all the souvenirs like candles for which Nainital is renowned and gifts you can buy from here but it is also popular as a place where you can enjoy your evening stroll as the entry of vehicles is restricted here. So come and take a walk along the Mall Road to experience the beauty of this hill town.

Tibetan Market

In addition to Bara Bazar, one can shop extravagantly at the Tibetan Market. The Tibetan Market runs along the famous Naini lake of Nainital. This market is ashopper’s delight, for you can shop for a variety of items under one roof. Scarves, shawls, woolen clothing, Himalayan bags, junk jewellery, watches and much more are available in the Tibetan Market. The market has a series of food joints with queer names like China Town, Hard Rock Cafe each serving somelip-smacking Chinese food and soups and some local Indian delicacies like parathas and chicken tandoori at a more than affordable rate. However, the pick, if hygiene is not an issue, for momo’s, tucked away in a corner, is a small place called Sonam’s. Without much exaggeration, the steamed chicken and mutton momos served, along with the clear soup, should be on your ‘must-eat-before-dying’ list

The Flatts

The Flatts

On the northern end  of the Naini lake is a recreational flat level ground referred to as the Flatts. Games like hockey, football, basketball and cricket are played and matches organized on a regular basis by the local clubs and schools. Nainital is also very well known for various sports activities and games being played on the Flatts throughout the year. It’s the D.S.A. (District Sports Association), which is responsible for all the state and national level games being carried out and played in this region. It is also one of the popular hubs among the tourists and locals. There is a beautiful fountain, a band stand/parking and a grand statue of Pt. G.B. Pant. Besides, there is the Roller Skating rinkused for skating by the visitors, Tibetan market, Chat bazaar, Capitol cinema (Shopping Centre), and recreational centers like the Masonic Hall, Boat House Club, and the New Club. A Gurudwara and aMosque stand erect in the region.A part of the Flatts is used for sports and cultural activities especially during festivals while the rest is used for car parking. A Tibetan market is also located close by. Cabs for Nainital excursions can be booked here. This place is a recreational rendezvous for people coming from all walks of life and as such, the evenings are especially crowded. One can enjoy a boat ride in the lake alongside, which in itself, is an exhilarating and invigorating experience.

Aerial Ropeway

It is one of the main attractions of Nainital. This ropeway connects Snow-View Point (at 2270 Mts.) with Nainital near flats. Aerial ropeway starts at Mallital , there are two trolleys to carry passengers. It takes approx. 151.7 seconds to cover one way journey by trolley. Cabin capacity is 10+1 or 825 kg.

Thandi Sarak

Thandi sadaK It’s a peaceful pedestrian road which runs along the lake. On one side where liveliness of Mall road and spirit of Tibetan market lure the tourists, the other side thandi sadak gravitates their mind and fills it with tranquility. This alley path is not so well- trodden. It leads to the portal of Guardian Goddess of Nainital, Maa Pashana Devi. Fricative whisper of lake, humming and swishing of cool fragranced breezes and chirping of birds just stimulate mind and rejuvenate soul.

Naini Peak

Cheena Peak

Also known as China or Cheena Peak or Naina Peak is the highest peak in the town, with an altitude of 2,615 m (8,579 ft). and at a walking distance of 6 km (3.7 mi) from the north end of the town (Mallital). From atop the peak, one can not only see a broad swath of the snow clad high Himalaya, but also obtain a panoramic view of Nainital town itself. The summit is an invigorating hike from Nainital town; in addition, for the less energetic visitors, ponies can be hired in Mallital or on Snow View. Naina Peak is a quiet place from where the Nanda Devi peak and the mountains on the Tibet border can be viewed. It is a bliss for people who love walking. One can go for long walks, breath fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty. If visiting here do not forget to take your own picnic basket because there is no place for eating here. There are no hotel or restaurant on the top so carry foodand water along with you. You Can Visit Naina Peak On Foot Or By Horse back.

 Snow View

Is situated at an altitude of 2,270 m (7,450 ft) and located atop the Sher-ka-danda Ridge (north by north-east of the town centre), is easily reachable by cable car. Charges for cable car is Rs. 150 per person, Rs. 75 for child. Charges are for stay for one hour at the point. Timings are 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on a clear day, it offers spectacular views of the snowbound high Himalaya, including Nanda Devi, Trisul, and Nanda Kot. The best time of the year for viewing the mountains is late October and November.

Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top

Also known as Dorothy’s Seat This terraced hill top (2,292 m (7,520 ft)) on Ayarpatta hill is a 4 km (2.5 mi) hike from the town centre and commands a nice view of the neighboring country side. Dorothy’s Seat is a stonework picnic perch on Tiffin Top built as a memorial to a British Army Officer’s wife,Dorothy Kellet, by her husband Col J.P. Kellett DSO MC, City of London Regiment, and admirers after her death from septicaemia aboard a ship bound for England to be with her 4 children, Elizabeth, Joan, Barbara and Richard. She was buried at sea in The Red Sea in 1936. Horse riding is another important attraction for tourists in Nainital . Horses can be hired at Barapatthar . Several tourist use horses as their transport mode to visit the different peaks of Nainital. Horse Riding is nowstrictly prohibited inside the Nainital town.

Land’s End

Land’s End makes one to feel like to reached at a dead end of land here. Located at an altitude of2118 mtrs and about 4 kms from Nainital town, Land’s End provides a splendid views of Khurpatal, nearby villages and forests. This hill top is a perfect spot for aspiring photographers as they can capture the picturesque view of the countryside. Land’s End can be easily reach with short trek or on Pony. Trekkers favourite Land’s End enjoy easy trek from Nainital town to Land’s End through cliffs, slopes and at the dead end, enjoys a pleasant views of the mountains surrounding Khurpatal.

St. John in the Wilderness

A church established in 1844 and is located on the north end of town (Mallital), about half a mile north-west of the Naina Devi temple. The church was so named by Daniel Wilson, the Bishop of Calcutta, who, after falling ill during a visit to Nainital in 1844 to lay the foundation of the church, was obliged to sleep in an unfinished house on the edge of the forest. A brass plaque on the altar is inscribed with names of the victims of the Landslip of 1880.

Governor’s House

Governor's House

Also known Raj Bhavan and formerly, Government House was built in 1899 and designed in the Victorian Gothic domestic style (also called “Domestic Gothic“) by the architect F.W. Stevens. Originally built as the summer residence of the governor of the North West Province, it later became the summer residence for the Lieutenant Governor of the United Provinces. Currently, Raj Bhavan is the official guest house for the governor of Uttarakhand and for visiting state guests. The complex consists of a two-storied mansion with 113 rooms, a large garden, a swimming pool, and golf links.Obtaining prior permission is a “must” for visiting.

Rajbhawan Golf Course

Raj bhawan Golf Course was developed in the year 1926, The course itself is a connoisseur’s delight. It is a short par 61 course with the regulation 18 holes and 18 Tees covering a distance of about 3.2 kms. What the course lacks in length makes-up for the other technical challenges including the use of browns instead of the obligatory greens on 13 holes. It has combination of Greens and Browns. Preferred lie is permitted in fairways. Added to that the fact that on many holes one is driving up or down a hillside with no possibility of sighting the hole till the very edge of the green and one begins to treat the course with the respect it deserves. Set in alush and pristine mixed forest, the course is also a nature lover’s delight with many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna in residence. In May 2002, warning sign had to be posted to accommodate an anxious mother and her two new members of the leopard family delivered somewhere on the fairways, that is an exclusive hazard available to a very few golf courses in the world. At present the facilities at Golf Course consist of a cozy clubhouse earlier known as Vohra Pavilion and there are two other Pavilions (Governor’s Pavilion & Heally’s Pavilion) strategically located to provide rest and panorama to straining golfers.

The High Court of Uttarakhand

Building formerly known as the ‘Old Secretariat‘, when Nainital was the summer capital of United Provinces. The building of the High Court is a very magnificent and was constructed in 1900 A.D. There is a park in front of the building and Naina Peak, the highest peak in Nainital, in the background, which makes the building more picturesque. In the beginning five Court rooms were constructed but later on more Court rooms have been added. A huge Chief Justice Court Block and a Block of Lawyers’ chambers have also been built up in the year 2007.

Eco Cave Garden

Eco Cave Garden

The Eco Cave Garden is fast becoming a popular destination. Located in Sukhtal as it is commonly known, on the Kaladungi road, it is a natural park maintained by the Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. A network of inter-connected rocky caves and hanging gardens, These were natural caves and some of the then were really to narrow and going down below is really difficult. it leads the visitor into a mysterious and ancient dream – world and gives the tourist an encapsulated glimpse of what thewilderness of the hill-region can offer-right in the easily approachable middle of civilization. Drive straight up to entrance, climb up a short flight of steps cut into the hill-side, and enter the cave – world of our prehistoric ancestors. The Eco cave garden and musical fountain is about One kilometre away from the Mall Road and comprises of six small caves with the forms of tiger, panther, porcupine and so on.

Himalaya Darshan

A visitor’s Nainital trip is incomplete without a Himalaya Darshan. Horse riding at Baara Pathar, getting lost in the Nakuldhar Eco Cave Garden, a visit to the Lovers Point and a calm evening at Kilbury is all you can enjoy in just a single day of Himalaya Darshan. Its About 5 kms away from Nainital on the way to Kilbury, nestled at a height of about (2300 MT) View Point is the beautiful tourist spot, from here one can have a glimpse of mighty Himalayan ranges, Lush Green Valley view of the Hills and lower forested ridges. This place provides a break from crowds of the city. It is a very good place to pass some time in solitude enjoying the beauty of nature. You can Visit this Place By Taxi, By Package Tours, Horse Back Or On foot.

Lovers point

Lovers Point and Suicide Point are two nearby viewpoints in Nainital which are famous for the scenic views they provide. The Lovers Point is genuinely romantic and extremely appreciated by couples in love. Liked and frequented by tourists because of their beauty and height, it is however unfortunate that few people have killed themselves by jumping off Suicide Point. Nonetheless, the view from Suicide Point is no less exciting than the one from Lovers Point. One can avail horse from this point to upper points like tiffin top, naina peak, etc which are not accessible by vehicles.

Camel’s Back

Camel's Back

Deopatta or Camel’s Back located at an elevation of 2,422 m above mean sea level. True to its name, Camel’s Back is suggested because it’s shape looks like a camel’s back. This picnic spot offers great horse-riding and nature walking opportunities. Sunset views of the Himalayas & Tarai Region from here are also excellent. A superb rock formation, with a life-like resemblance to a sitting camel, can be seen from this spot. While visiting here do not forget to bring your own picnic basket because there are no eateries here.

Gurney House

Situated in the picturesque Ayarpatta slopes of Nainital, minutes away from Naini Lake, Gurney House was the residence of renowned hunter-conservationist and writer Jim Corbett. Decades after Corbett’s departure, Gurney House maintains its colonial character and old-world charm. Still housing many of Corbett’s furniture and possessions, the house brings Corbett’s writings alive. A visit to Gurney House is a journey back in time. Upon his departure from India in 1947, Corbett sold the house to Mr. Sharda Prasad Varma and it is now owned by his granddaughter, Nilanjana Dalmia. Gurney House is a private home but its residents welcomeCorbett-lovers by appointment for a complimentary tour of this heritage property.

Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo

Nainital Zoo

It is situated in the hills of Sher-ka-Danda at about 2 km. from Tallital Bus station at an elevation of2100 m. above mean sea level and connected by motorable road, where the Mountain quail was last seen in 1876. The Zoo was established in 1984 and is spread over an area of 4.693 ha. The Zoo was opened to visitors on 1st June 1995 and is managed by “The Bharat Ratna Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo Management Society Nainital” from 1st March 2002. Bharat Ratna Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Nainital Zoo was established with the objective to conserve and protect the wild life and biodiversity of the hill region of Uttarakhand. It houses various Phesants e.g. Kaleej Phesant etc.; high altitude endangered Mammals like Siberian Tiger, Snow Leopard, Goat Antelope-Ghooral and Serao etc. Nainital marks a specific and important place in the international tourism map. This is a favorite visiting place for tourist, student and children. It has established its identity in the field of education, research and as a tourist spot. Nainital zoo is kept completely polythene free according to the demand of present time.


Also known as Hanuman Garh is located at an altitude 1,951 m (6,401 ft). The temple complex is about3.5 km (2.2 mi) from the Tallital (South End) bus stop. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Hanuman, the vanara god of the Ramayana, and he is depicted tearing open his chest to reveal Rama and Sita in his heart. It is connected saint Neem Karoli Baba, who had his ashram at Kainchi. Hanuman Garhi is also known for its spectacular views.

Shri Aurobindo Ashram

Located along the lush hilly slopes of the Kumaon Valley, Sri Aurobindo Ashram branch of the original Auroville shrine serves as learning center for meditation. Providing residential accommodations, one can stay here and practice yoga as well as various meditation techniques. However, one would require prior permission to be able to stay here. Situated at the end of a steep hilly climb, the Aurobindo Ashram offers serenity and isolation alongside charmingpanoramic valley views so as to enhance your meditative experience.

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